“Top 7 Horror Movies of All Time”

Here is an exclusive list of top 7 horror movies. All the movies are popular all over the world. These movies will fill you with an unprecedented experience. The storyline of these movies are deadly and ferocious.

If you like to watch horror movies then these movies might be a great pick for you.

I truly like to share with you some interesting movies that when I watched some movies in alone it’s set to highly terrified, my body goes to crimped, even I was felt my heart beat , it was make me strong to fight with any supernatural power.

Thank god! Nothing happened awful. I recommended, download one of movie which have give you scary fun. Its well knowing thing, the horror give us more pleasure. Fear will burn your huge calories, Fearful Entertainment get you slim.


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7.The others-


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Summery- Grace move into Another Dwelling with her two photosensitive children. When start a series of Inexplicit Incident, Grace starts believing, that in the house someone other supernatural power try to live there, and house being haunted.

I was shocked but I don’t want to tell you. At the end of the movies, its goes mysterious, you should watch it and know what has happened there. Is there something missing.


The film, which cost 17$ million to produce

Box office collection 209$ million, movie was  commercial successful.

 The film was release on 10 august 2001

  1. Hound of Lovehoundsoflove_trailer2Image source google

Summary- The script mainly focuses on a couple who kidnap and terrorise a young woman.In 1987, murderous couple John and Evelyn roam the streets of Perth, Australia, searching for their unaware victim. Fate leads them to Vicki Maloney, a teen who go out outside of her house at night to go to a party.

Now held captive in a room, Vicki must use her wits to try and drive a spike between the crazed duo before they can finish her off.


Running time-108 minutes

‘’Hounds of love’’ released in 1 June 2017,

Australian psychological horror film

Written and directed- by Ben Young


  1. Saw-Doctor Gordon played by Cary Elwes in Saw

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The story sets off in a horrifying dark place with Adam Stanheight (Leigh Whannel) regain consciousness and found himself in a shabby place grappled with chains. Further, he found that he is not the only one stuck in that place as Lawrence Gordon (Carly Elwes) around.

As the story proceeds, they realize they are being monitored with camera and to escape they are given serious instructions from Jigsaw a serial killer. They are try to find clue and solve out, this movie compel to think, what be occur next step.

He isn’t dead. At the end of movie jigsaw get up from shabby floor, and remove his scary facial makeup and shoot one,

Killer through saw beside the photographer. And he is go outside. Photographer weeping that the climax point you should watch.


Saw is (2004) American horror film, directed by James wan

Made with the Budget of -1.2$ million

Box office collection-103$ million

Very successful on the box office



  1. The woman in black-
  2. CouI48HVUAEyVz1

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Movie started with Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe- the leading role in harry potter), he is a lawyer, is recently widowed and grieving the loss of his wife when he is sent to a remote village to put a deceased eccentric’s affairs in order.

Soon after his arriving, it’s clear cut that the villagers face the something big problem and they are suffer from unknown power, one woman who lost her child in marish muddy area that have surrounding the house.

Her ghost is the usually appear in black clothes and her spirit troubling the villagers.

After he try to find actual matter and he discovered that his client’s house is haunted by the spirit of a woman who is trying to find her child, cause of marish the house  shaprated from the village. Mr. Keeps found her child dead body. She goes to salvation and village become peaceful.


Running time-1 hour 35 minute

Realise on-17 February 2012

Directed by – James Watkins

Movie budget- 1.5 Crores USD, Box office collection 12.5 carores USD


  1. Lights out-



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Diana is the imaginary friend of Rebecca’s mother. In the initial phase Diana is friendly with her mother but she is being terrified and murdered her step father. Her boyfriend try and investigate the connection between her mother and her imaginary friend, Diana,


Running time-81minute

Directed by- David Sandberg

Budget – 49 lacks USD


  1. It-e470cd420e1f51e13806fa2aa2ad4721

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The story set off humdrum high rainy day, bill(older brother) make paper boat for his brother georgie.

Georgie playing with boat suddenly his boat drawn into sewer, he try to look up in dingy drain.

Georie saw blinking yellow eyes in the drain. He introduces himself ‘’Pennywise the dancing clown’’. Clowns behave more friendly, but suddenly clown changed in evil and attacked on georgie and he drag him in sewer. Bill neglect the disappearance of georgie. Meanwhile Henery  gang(school Bowers)  disturbing bill and his friend(Eddie, kashbrak,stan Uris, Richie Tozier).

The story proceed, conflict with bill friends (loser gang) and horrible clown, at the end they succeed to return back him in sewer core for 27 years. They win.


Running time- 2 hour 15 minute

Released on- 8 September 2017

Directed by- Andres Muschietti


1.The Conjuring-


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The movie inspire by true event. In 1971, Roger and his wife (Carolyn Perron) move into a new farmhouse (Harriswille, Rhode Island) they have five daughters Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cindy, & April.Their dog barking very loudly and refused to come inside the house. After few day occur paranormal actives in high range, their dog found dead back side of house. All clocks stop on 3:07am at every night,


Released on- 2 august 2013

Directed by- James wan

Budget of movie-

Box office collection- more than 31$USD crores


“How to manage, conglomerate business”


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What does mean by conglomerate Business

A conglomerate business is the groupism of the two or more corporate companies, that will be entirely different business that fall under one corporate group.


most famous conglomerate business –Berkshire Hathaway (warren buffett),Aditya birla group,Exxon mobil etc.

conglomerate business have huge opportunity to be dominant in the market and make your own venture with high chances of conquest.
Even though,most of new startup consummate in the first one year of onset. the conglomerate business reduce our Insolvent chances. so,my all of enthusiasm and dreamy friends here we discuss on conglomerate business management ,in the startup stage. i glad to give you high require point on it.

Four way to Handle Venture in Conglomerate Business-

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#1. Save the Organization from Argument


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when two competitor merged and make a new company there have chances to argue with each other. that’s the common reason of the failure. make them sure, build good relationship amongst merged companies.

2.# Premeditate you Business Making Strategy


Create a new team for take decisions efficiently,and more approachable.

3.# Manage your Workload


whenever merged companies starting to manufacture the new product there have high workload. oftentimes isn’t easy to handle it.

4.# Branding Opinion


it’s notable thing ,here one question rising , how we could give name to new product? as simple take opinion by conglomerate companies member and decide the new name easily